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American Made Gifts
Pearl Grant Richmanís has always carried gift lines that are unique, well crafted and from all corners of the world. More so recently, it has been a vision of the Richmanís to seek out and represent collections that are hand made in America. In the past few years, we have added several lines of pottery, glass, porcelain, jewelry and even greeting card lines that are made in the US and Canada. No two pieces are alike in our hand crafted lines which makes giving them as gifts, much more special. 

Flambeaux Art Pottery

Flambeaux art pottery is the fusion of creative energy, talent and imagination of two very good friends, Kent Follette and Bill Campbell.  Flambeaux glazes are known for their subtle color variations, random occurrences and impressionistic appearance. No two pieces of Flambeaux pottery will ever be alike; each piece is a singular and original work of art to be enjoyed for many generations.  Kent Follette Pottery is made in his Louisiana Studio, and Bill Campbell Pottery made in his Pennsylvania studio.  We carry both lines of pottery with new pieces arriving frequently.

Hilborn Pottery Design

Hilborn Pottery Design, owned and operated by Rick and Nancy Hilborn, has been producing Canadian hand-made pottery since 1975. Nancyís creative and unique design style has enabled the studio to provide a distinctive brand of functional pottery that is well-known and respected across North America.  Truly a family run studio, Hilborn Pottery continues to offer exceptional quality and design in itís hand- made ceramic pots, that are food and drink safe as well as oven, micro-wave and dishwasher proof.

Gary Rosenthal Collection

Gary Rosenthal has been sculpting in welded metals for almost 30 years.  With a team of talented craftspeople, in Kensington, Maryland, he creates one of the most popular and unique lines of Judaic art in the country:  The Gary Rosenthal Collection. Combining copper, brass, and steel with brilliant fused glass, the collection has a contemporary style rooted in tradition.  Inspiration comes from the rich history of the Jewish people, which tells us it's a blessing, a mitzvah, to make beautiful functional art. The Collection can be found throughout the world in many fine galleries, private collections, several museum shops and now at Pearl Grant Richmans.

Chris Paulson glass art

The iridescent beauty of Chris Paulsonís fused glass art is timeless.  Each piece is uniquely handcrafted, in Eugene, Oregon, using an ancient gradual heating and cooling technique dating back over 4,000 years.  Artistry and technical expertise transform the lustrous iridescent glass into contemporary functional art. A variety of pieces including platters, trays, picture frames, and coaster sets are available in a wide array of colors and sizes. 

Georgetown Pottery

Georgetown Pottery has been handcrafting fine porcelain pottery since 1972.  All of their handmade pottery is made by local Maine potters and hand decorated with Maine themed brushwork patterns or stunning glazes.  The functional porcelain is meant to be used and is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.  The best-selling Ikebanas and Ikebana Vases are nationally known and incredibly popular.  Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging and the vases are simple, graceful and elegant. They're a perfect gift and a great way to add color to any room of you home.

Glass Eye Studios gifts

Glass Eye Studios, located in Seattle, Washington, believes in a teamwork approach in creating their affordable and leading-edge glass design. They incorporate the visions of customers, designers, sales staff, and glass blowers in their approach to design.  The Northwest is a great place to design and blow glass because of its cool temperatures.  Artists recognize the benefit of the climate and have moved en mass to the Seattle area.  The pieces are functional and unique with no two pieces being identical.  The collection includes vases, bowls, ornaments and a series of celestial inspired table top globes. 
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